Net-Trainers is an Online Distance Learning Course which aims to equip tutors/trainers with the skills to teach online using online technologies.


(Developed and delivered by key members of the award-winning LeTTOL team, in partnership with online learning experts across Europe).

Net-Trainer is a European term to describe the job of the online or e-tutor.  This person develops or adapts learning so that it can be delivered using Internet technologies, establishes effective and ethical processes to ensure learners are supported throughout the course, provides individual learners with supportive and constructive feedback, and manages online group interactions.

The Net-Trainers course has been developed by a partnership of nine European countries.  Experts in online and e-learning have worked together to develop a common job profile, training framework and learning objectives.  The course is delivered sumultaneously by up to five different countries, and the course contents are written to recognise the educational context and culture of each individual country. (England, France, GermanyRomania and the Czech Republic)


When does the next course start?

5 October 2009

(Applications to be received by 28 September for English cohort)


Visit the Sheffield College Net-Trainers website for more information


The Net-Trainers course offers you:

Supportive tutoring

Learners are provided with intensive support  by experienced online training experts throughout the course. The Net-Trainers approach is based on 7 key principles for innovative quality training.

Certified qualification

English completers of the course receive a Level 4 qualification from the National Open College Network (NOCN), the UK's foremost provider of accreditation services for adult learning. It is a recognised national qualification awarding body.

Participants also receive the European Net-Trainers Certificate (ENTC), which is based on national public diplomas or certificates in several European countries. The ENTC is issued by the European Net-Trainers Association which guarantees the comonailty and quality of procedures and quality standards for the Net-Trainers course across Europe



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